Loss of Childhood Innocence, the Collateral Damage of Cancer


When you have kids, you want to protect them from all the evils of the world. You monitor their friends, their screen time and do what ever you think may rob them of their childhood innocence. I remember my parents trying to hide my cousin’s death, but I could see from their body language and whispers that something was wrong. Now I understand why they were doing it.

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A New Year, A New Hope


Over the holidays my family and I took a break from Cancer world. We have had an active 2013 from scans, getting results, cancer fund raisers, to our NBC documentary and needed a break. This was of course easier said than done, cancer is well…….. is like cancer…..it takes over your life. We tried to have a normal holiday despite its existence, and it was good. Continue reading

NBC’s “Molly’s Journey” is now available to view


Please watch and share. We let cameras into our lives not for fame & glory but to get one message across, anyone can get Lung Cancer. You don’t have to smoke to get it. Watch my eight year old talk  about her mom and I dare you to ask her if her mom smoked!  Lastly this documentary would not have happened if it wasn’t for a brilliant NY Times article by Paul Kalanithi, and efforts and determination of our NBC Producer Liza Meak, and David Burgess.


Hmmm….Did your wife smoke?

Lung TreeIt has been a year since we found out Molly has cancer. Probably the longest year of my life.  I always tell people I became an adult at the age of 42, as at no period in my life I have grown up so much. The cliché of living life one day at a time is very true after cancer diagnosis. It is amazing how some of things that mattered 12 months ago do not matter anymore. Family and friends have become the most important part of our lives. Continue reading

Best Lung Cancer Support Group That Never Meets


On November of 2013 my 39 year old non-smoker wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung cancer. They say you are never ready for this, but I think you are less ready at 39! From November 15th until December 7th when Molly took her first Tarceva pill, the news kept getting worst. We needed support and beside our close doctor friend Diana, nobody was able to make us feel optimistic about Molly’s disease. I was also getting tired being asked if my wife was a smoker. I got so tired of the question, that I started snapping back at people by saying “Yes, she smoked crack”! I was getting less than 4 hours of sleep per night and didn’t feel like being nice. Continue reading