Loss of Childhood Innocence, the Collateral Damage of Cancer


When you have kids, you want to protect them from all the evils of the world. You monitor their friends, their screen time and do what ever you think may rob them of their childhood innocence. I remember my parents trying to hide my cousin’s death, but I could see from their body language and whispers that something was wrong. Now I understand why they were doing it.

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This is gonna be a very sad story-Not Really


I have been doing this blog, ohhhhh about a month and a half now and the experience has been a great anthropology lesson for me. As I mentioned from the very first blog this was not a cancer blog. It’s a blog about our lives and cancer being the unwelcome third wheel. Now don’t get me wrong, lung cancer support and awareness was one of the main objectives of this blog but not the only one. I didn’t feel right about blogging about Molly’s medical updates as I was not the patient. I was however the caregiver and her cancer very much affected me. My favorite bloggers were Lisa and Tori both LC patients so I started my blog with a same witty humor without so much about cancer.

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