The Ride………

The dream always starts the same, it’s a cold winter day and we are waiting in line to get on a new roller coaster ride, but unlike other rides no one in the line looks very excited. I look down at my daughters, they are confused and squeezed between to me and their mother. The weather has a wind that freezes your bones. I look at the people waiting in line with us. An older Asian lady with kind eyes, a bearded nurse who keeps smiling , single mom with two little boys, couple with a beautiful baby boy, a surgeon still in his medical scrubs and his wife, another family with kids, and on and on and on…… Continue reading

Love, Family, Cancer & Chicago Cubs! How 2015 Chicago Cubs gave this Bay Area Family Hope!


If you ask any my friends they know I am not a sports fanatic, I look at professional sports as a form of entertainment. Following professional sports can be very stressful and I have plenty of that in my life as it is. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to watch some games with my friends and I will cheer along with them, but I’m usually not vested in the results. This all changed September of 2014 when I decided to be a Chicago Cubs fan. Continue reading

The Beat goes on, and Emmy’s are heavy!

Confession, I have been writing this blog for almost a week. Writing used to be so easy, I once wrote an entire month’s blogs in a week as ideas oozed out of me.  At that time Molly & I were on the high of Tarceva working, making the documentary “Molly’s Journey” and meeting new people. Molly kept going and beside a scare with blood clots in March she was doing very well. We took a week long vacation in Europe. Maybe cancer had decided to quit.  Continue reading

Loss of Childhood Innocence, the Collateral Damage of Cancer


When you have kids, you want to protect them from all the evils of the world. You monitor their friends, their screen time and do what ever you think may rob them of their childhood innocence. I remember my parents trying to hide my cousin’s death, but I could see from their body language and whispers that something was wrong. Now I understand why they were doing it.

Continue reading