A New Year, A New Hope


Over the holidays my family and I took a break from Cancer world. We have had an active 2013 from scans, getting results, cancer fund raisers, to our NBC documentary and needed a break. This was of course easier said than done, cancer is well…….. is like cancer…..it takes over your life. We tried to have a normal holiday despite its existence, and it was good. Continue reading

NBC’s “Molly’s Journey” is now available to view


Please watch and share. We let cameras into our lives not for fame & glory but to get one message across, anyone can get Lung Cancer. You don’t have to smoke to get it. Watch my eight year old talk  about her mom and I dare you to ask her if her mom smoked!  Lastly this documentary would not have happened if it wasn’t for a brilliant NY Times article by Paul Kalanithi, and efforts and determination of our NBC Producer Liza Meak, and David Burgess.