The Beat goes on, and Emmy’s are heavy!

Confession, I have been writing this blog for almost a week. Writing used to be so easy, I once wrote an entire month’s blogs in a week as ideas oozed out of me.  At that time Molly & I were on the high of Tarceva working, making the documentary “Molly’s Journey” and meeting new people. Molly kept going and beside a scare with blood clots in March she was doing very well. We took a week long vacation in Europe. Maybe cancer had decided to quit.  Continue reading

Loss of Childhood Innocence, the Collateral Damage of Cancer


When you have kids, you want to protect them from all the evils of the world. You monitor their friends, their screen time and do what ever you think may rob them of their childhood innocence. I remember my parents trying to hide my cousin’s death, but I could see from their body language and whispers that something was wrong. Now I understand why they were doing it.

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Molly’s Journal Wins Two Gracie Awards


For movies there are the Oscars and for the Women in Media there are the Gracie Awards. We just found out our Producer Liza Meak has won two Gracie’s for her work on Molly’s Journal last year. This is a well deserved award since she fought hard this for this documentary. As of date there are no other documentaries like it for Lung Cancer. Let’s hop this is a trend that will continue.

NBC’s “Molly’s Journey” is now available to view


Please watch and share. We let cameras into our lives not for fame & glory but to get one message across, anyone can get Lung Cancer. You don’t have to smoke to get it. Watch my eight year old talk  about her mom and I dare you to ask her if her mom smoked!  Lastly this documentary would not have happened if it wasn’t for a brilliant NY Times article by Paul Kalanithi, and efforts and determination of our NBC Producer Liza Meak, and David Burgess.