The Ride………

The dream always starts the same, it’s a cold winter day and we are waiting in line to get on a new roller coaster ride, but unlike other rides no one in the line looks very excited. I look down at my daughters, they are confused and squeezed between to me and their mother. The weather has a wind that freezes your bones. I look at the people waiting in line with us. An older Asian lady with kind eyes, a bearded nurse who keeps smiling , single mom with two little boys, couple with a beautiful baby boy, a surgeon still in his medical scrubs and his wife, another family with kids, and on and on and on…… Continue reading

Love, Family, Cancer & Chicago Cubs! How 2015 Chicago Cubs gave this Bay Area Family Hope!


If you ask any my friends they know I am not a sports fanatic, I look at professional sports as a form of entertainment. Following professional sports can be very stressful and I have plenty of that in my life as it is. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to watch some games with my friends and I will cheer along with them, but I’m usually not vested in the results. This all changed September of 2014 when I decided to be a Chicago Cubs fan. Continue reading