Loss of Childhood Innocence, the Collateral Damage of Cancer


When you have kids, you want to protect them from all the evils of the world. You monitor their friends, their screen time and do what ever you think may rob them of their childhood innocence. I remember my parents trying to hide my cousin’s death, but I could see from their body language and whispers that something was wrong. Now I understand why they were doing it.

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Sooooo, Why did you move to US?


Summer 1986, fresh off the boat!

So why did you move to US? I still get this question asked all the time. I have been living in this country most of my life but I will always be an immigrant. I don’t really mind it though, immigrant sounds tough and cool. I’d like to think  I am like the immigrants who came to Ellis Island all those years ago, but I came on a jumbo jet with inflight movies not on a sardine packed boat when people didn’t bathe very often.

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The Great Outdoors-Why I do not camp!

With the big three-day weekend approaching, I am sure many of you are going camping. Labor Day is one of the biggest camping weekends of the year. Many Americans reserve their campsites months ahead of time for Labor Day. with that I am going to say……I do not camp, I don’t like it,  plus bad things happens when I camp. I haven’t been on a camping trip for a long time and can truly tell you I don’t miss it. Molly on the other hand loves camping, and I love her for it. As much as I don’t like camping I want my daughters exposed to it. I just don’t go with them. Let’s be clear about one thing, I do love the nature but I like indoor plumbing more. Continue reading