New Life…..New Job…..Newtown Square!


“You want to make God laugh show him your plans”

We are moving out of California. If you would have asked me in 2010, in ten years I will be with somebody else and moving out of California, I would say you are crazy. But here I am in 2020, with a new job, new partner, and will be living in a new state.

How did it all happen? Well it started with that phone call in November of 2013, “I just got a call from my doctor….” Four years later I was widower raising two little girls.

I am beginning to comprehend
the mystery
of the gift of suffering (Alice Walker)

At their mother’s funeral I told the girls we have suffered enough, things have to get better but I didn’t really believe it. Here I was a 45 year old single man with two children living with his parents. Technically, my parents were living with me, but you get the picture. Life was going according to plan! Then I met Jennifer.

For the story of how I started dating a girl 3,000 miles away, you have to ask Madison. Let’s just say it was our own version of Sleepless in Seattle. Madison played a cross country matchmaker, and the rest is history.

At first the plan was to stay in California until girls graduated from high school and then move to the East Coast. The girls were doing really well, Jennifer was working remote from California and I had just gotten the best job of my life. So why are we moving sooner? There are many reasons, but it was mainly for the girls. In June we will be moving to the East Coast. Starting a new life in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania!

Oh about the greatest job in the world? I work for Guardant Health. They developed the blood test cancer patients can use in lieu of tissue biopsy. Those of us who have been unlucky enough to deal with lung cancer, we know how dangerous lung tissue biopsy can be for a patient. Guardant is  also working on an early cancer detection test.  Imagine catching Lung Cancer early. I love my company.


6 thoughts on “New Life…..New Job…..Newtown Square!

  1. Huzzah! I am all for new beginnings. Like spring when the calla lilies pop up, the red bud trees bloom, promises of something better ahead. I will miss you, Arash, but my heart is full of hope for your future.

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  2. Hi Arash, I don’t know if you remember me, but my husband Peter passed away March, 2018 from NSCLC – ALK. I believe the same lung cancer that Molly had. Its been almost a year since you last posted. That’s a good sign (I think), it means you and the girl’s are moving forward (I hate the term “moving on”). My two year anniversary was a few weeks ago, right when the pandemic was kicking into high gear.
    It was such a pleasure to see and read this post. Congratulations! I’m very happy for you and the girls for how well everything is going for you. And thrilled to hear about your work and what it means for those inflicted with this horrible disease. It is reassuring to know that you CAN start fresh after losing the love of your life. Although I’m not there yet and find the prospect difficult to imagine. BUT, your good fortune has me thinking it could happen!! Thank you!!


    • Hi Jon, of course I remember you. Hope you are doing well. Thank you for your kind words. We are trying, but the pain is still there. I think we are ready for this change, and moving to the East Coast will be a nice change for all of us. Please keep in touch. I hope some day you will also get that fresh start, you deserve.


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