Two Years-Her Name Was Molly

0004Her name was Molly. We met at a party that I almost didn’t go to in the summer of 1992.

Molly was the happiest person I knew. She had a way to stay happy even during the most stressful times. Having had a strained relationship with her own mother, she made every effort to be a good mother.  Despite having a demanding career, Molly never let her career interfere with her family. In Silicon Valley where people’s identity is what they do, Molly managed to stay modest and grounded. My favorite moments were when typical Silicon Valley professionals bragged continuously about their unimportant jobs, she wouldn’t even mention that she ran a team of 17 globally at Apple. She didn’t care about Silicon Valley, in matter of fact she wanted to move back to where she was from and live a simple life near the ocean.


To molly a quiet day on the beach with her daughters was more enjoyable than most luxurious vacations. That being said, she managed to see most of the world during her short life. Her favorite part of visiting a new city were the tacky tourist shops. We once joked that Molly can write a travel guide about tourist shops. “Screw seeing Tower of London, but the Gift Shop is totally worth the pesky entrance fee!!!”

Switzerland was the last European vacation we took as a family. Molly loved walking thru the beautiful valleys with her daughters, never seen her so happy. Three months later she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Even then, she managed to stay happy and positive.


Today marks the second anniversary of her death. A lot has changed since she left. So many new people have entered or lives, and we are all doing well. One thing has not changed is the hole left in our heart from her absence. I will never forget her, and I hope neither will all others who loved her.  If Molly could say, she would tell us “please remember me for my happy, and kind spirit, but never remember me as a cancer victim.” Rest in Peace Molly.



5 thoughts on “Two Years-Her Name Was Molly

  1. Thank you for sharing again. She left a hole in many hearts with her passing but they are filled with memories of her smile. We haven’t and won’t forget her. Ever.


  2. It is so hard to read your last post. It is unfortunately all too familiar. My husband Peter died 15 months ago. He too, was diagnosed with Stage IV ALK on December 12th, 2014. Everything from that point on became BC / AC, whether you want it to or not. It still doesn’t seem possible that he is not here.
    Your pictures and description of Molly are really sweet. Thank you for sharing them. The hole in our hearts will always be there. Forever.

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  3. I am so sorry for your loss, I just heard about the death of Aunt Molly, and have spent time on the internet finding ways to send my condolences. I have such happy memories of her from when I was a child visiting you both in California. My heart aches for you, and especially for your girls because I have one of my own now and I couldn’t imagine her going through what they have gone through. I hope you continue to find strength to raise them as beautifully solo as you would have with Molly by your side.


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