Who is raising who?

First thing I had to get used to in the new normal was being a single parent. It took a few weeks before the actual meaning kicked in. I was the only parent, I was solely responsible for shaping these two innocent souls. Kind of like Dr. Frankenstein and his beloved creature.

I heard through the grapevine that certain people thought my parents were the ones who were raising my daughters, which is insulting. To be fair having my parents is godsend. I don’t have to worry about food, they pick up and drop off my children and provide a loving environment which is key to them doing so well considering the shit they have been through this year. That being said if my parents attempted to discipline them they will get the “you’re not my parent”, faster than they can say polo (Persian rice). This is also true with The Village (See last blog), they love The Village, as long as they don’t discipline them. That pleasure falls solely on me.

To those of you hot shot dads who think this is easy, just think about when your wives left on girl trips and you got to be the sole parent. Got your ass handed to you, right? Now Imagine doing that every day.

Perfect example was last week. I was sicker than a dog in bed and children had the run of the house. Girls did whatever they wanted to do despite my parents repeated pleas. By the time I was able to get out of bed, Madison had clocked in 8 hours of TV, and Dillan had not taken a bath for a week. I walked in a scene straight out of Lord of the Flies. It took me a good day and half to get things back to normal. I had to play both good and bad cop which made me realize how much I missed having Molly. Being both the mother and father is not easy.

I must be doing something right though, because the girls are doing very well. They both are having the best academic year, and are very popular at school. They are so popular that I had to create a family calendar just to keep up with their demanding social lives. I have become daddy Uber.

This is our first holiday without Molly and as much as we are trying to act normal, her absence is so glaringly obvious. She was the light of the holidays, and it’s hard without her. I have never been a big fan of the holidays, so bad that one year I actually did get a lump coal in my stocking (thanks Molly). This year switching to Clark Griswald has been a huge change. For example, both girls have been questioning the existence of Santa Clause, but quickly changed their mind when they found out old Saint Nick only brings gifts to those who believe in him. I keep finding myself trying to be the spirit of the holidays, which I am thinking must be hilarious to Molly. Hope she approves.

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