Love, Family, Cancer & Chicago Cubs! How 2015 Chicago Cubs gave this Bay Area Family Hope!


If you ask any my friends they know I am not a sports fanatic, I look at professional sports as a form of entertainment. Following professional sports can be very stressful and I have plenty of that in my life as it is. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to watch some games with my friends and I will cheer along with them, but I’m usually not vested in the results. This all changed September of 2014 when I decided to be a Chicago Cubs fan.

As bizarre as this decision sounded, there was a method to my madness. By August of 2014 we knew that Molly’s cancer was developing resistance to her miracle pill and we were being thrown into reality of cancer. She was not going to be among the very few Tarceva would work for indefinitely!

If you have been following my blog you know that we have small children. Dealing with cancer is difficult enough for an adult but add small children and you will have a nightmare. Now I think Molly and I have done a fairly good job creating a normal life for our children, but they are intuitive and will detect the slightest shift in our moods. Molly and I were visibly concerned, and I needed a healthy distraction for the girls. Recording of the NBC documentary that year had provided the distraction that year, but we were almost done with that.

One night I was looking online and all the news was about SF Giants and their chances of winning the World Series that year. I have always liked baseball, It’s as American as it gets, and has a fun history. I thought how fun would it be for the girls and me to cheer for a baseball team, but which team? I was not going to jump on the Giants bandwagon, specially not right before the playoffs. That would not be very authentic.

The answer came to me quickly, Chicago Cubs! My favorite US city has always been Chicago. I love the history, the architecture and for a big city people are so nice there. Other factors….my younger daughter Dillan is really into teddy bears, and the older one Madison loves the color blue. Chicago Cubs had all of those!

That September the Cubs had one of the worst records in baseball and had as much chance of winning the World Series as well…….someone surviving Lung Cancer. I wanted show the girls loyalty since the Cubs have the most loyal fans in baseball.I also wanted to show them sometimes miracles can happen. We needed our own miracle.

I announced my new team on Facebook, and almost immediately was bombarded with sarcastic comments from my friends. Only one supported my decision since she is from Chicago! I don’t blame them, as there was no science behind me picking The Cubs. I laughed off all the comments, but stuck to my decision. I was a Chicago Cubs fan.

I started to follow every game in 2015, and with a help of a friend who I found out later is a life long Cub’s fan, I started learning about the team and baseball in general. The girls and I started watching the games at home, we cheered for every win and sang along with the “Go Cubs Go” song. The best part came when I had a chance to actually see Wrigley Field from outside (no home games that week) and bought our own official Cubs hats. Later that year we also got to go see the Cubs play against the Giants. By August Cubs had the fourth best record in baseball, and no one was laughing at me anymore.

Unfortunately the news on the cancer front was not as good. The experimental infusion added to Molly’s treatments was making her feel awful and later on we find out it that it was not even working. We had not had good news all year, and things were going from bad to worst. In September Molly started chemo, which made her very sick. This was very hard for the girls and I to see, but we kept hoping for miracles. I told Madison last year no one thought The Cubs would be this far, but look at them now.

Cubbies magic number was down to one, the night Molly had to go to ER for pain. Our friend was kind enough to take her so I can stay home with the girls. I stayed awake all night waiting, and at 4:00AM I received the call from Molly. The scans showed that chemo was working, first good news all year.  Later that day Cubs got into their first post season since 2003!

Today as I type this blog, The Cubs are two days away from starting their first National League Championship Series in over ten years and have the best chance to win their first World Series in 100 years. Molly goes in for her third round of chemo tomorrow, and although it will be tough at least we know it’s working.

At this stage it’s not important to me if the Cubs win or even get to the World Series. The Cubs have provided a fun and healthy distraction for my daughters and me. They have thought this Bay Area family loyalty, and more importantly miracles can happen. GO CUBS!

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