Summer of 2015……Broken Arm, Scans & A Blue Door


First I like to say I would love to have a normal boring summer. I would like to have a normal boring any season. This summer of course held out to be as eventful as past seasons. Not saying it was a bad summer, but our lives is not for the faint of heart. 

Back in June as everyone knows Molly’s Tarceva started giving up and Avastin was added as a booster. Also Molly decided to take couple of months off of work to recover from the additional treatment and radiation. The side effects of both drugs have been a killer on Molly, to add insult to injury we still don’t know if this combination is working.

Two weeks ago was scan week, or as I like to call it who needs sleep week. Scan week is stressful for all patients, even the ones who are doing well. We were getting results after adding a experimental combination. To make things more exciting for us, my spunky six year old fell off of the play structure and broke her arm in two places the day before the scan. Combination of a broken arm and not so great scans result made for one of those weeks in Golbon family. There were also a lot of other private issues I was dealing with so this was particularly a tough one. Coming close to completely loosing it is nothing new to me but this was different, I needed to do something about it.

First things first I needed a clear head. This meant complete disconnection from social media. All except Instagram of course. Instagram is like Facebook minus all the bad news. Facebook used to be a fun place for me where I could exchange light jokes, see pictures and share laughs. With the introduction of cancer to our life, it has become a place where I see people I have come to care about loose their loved ones while shallow people complain about unimportant issues.

Quitting Facebook was surprisingly easy, it actually brought serene peace to my life. People I cared about still kept in contact with me via text or phone call but I avoided crappy news like Cecil the Lion. It was a very nice break. I am back on Facebook now, but on a very limited basis. I also only look at news feed from handful of people.

Second learn to relax, specially around the children, I have found myself very short with them lately. The problem is that they are kids and they need to have as normal as of a life as possible. Not their fault their mom is sick so I can not expect them to act differently. My new plan is to go on separate adventures with them every week end. This gives me some time with them and Molly time on her own since she is home with them everyday.

Last, come to understand that treating cancer is not like treating a common cold. We were used to getting good results but now are in a gray area. We are taking a chance with an experimental combination which may or may not work. There are still many more options available. There have been more LC treatments developed during the past 4 years than past forty years.

Molly took the summer off to take care of herself. She started going to an Eastern Medicine doctor to treat her side effects and it has worked wonderfully. She has also been pushing our house remodel project. The guest house is almost complete, spa has been installed, we have a new driveway and our house has a new paint. Oh and yes our front door is blue now.

One thought on “Summer of 2015……Broken Arm, Scans & A Blue Door

  1. Praying and positive thoughts continuing to be sent your way. You guys continue to amaze me with your strength. As my daughter Tracy says, “make the play, cry later”. Love you all.


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