Thank you letter sent thirty years later!

Hamburg Germany, 1986

Hamburg Germany, 1986

From: Arash Golbon [mailto:agolbon@XXXXX]
Sent: Sunday, August 16, 2015 4:14 PM
To: XXXX, Leonard
Subject: Thank you-Hamburg Germany 1986

Dear Professor XXXX,

I do not expect you to remember me, after all it has been almost 30 years. A very cold day in March of 1986 in Hamburg. That day a father and his son walked in to your consulate with very little optimism. We had just left Iran in hopes of getting a student visa to California. For me as a fourteen year old kid there were two choices, go to California to live with my aunt or go back to Iran and face possible death as in those days kid solders were used as a disposable commodity to clear minefields.

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