The Beat goes on, and Emmy’s are heavy!

Confession, I have been writing this blog for almost a week. Writing used to be so easy, I once wrote an entire month’s blogs in a week as ideas oozed out of me.  At that time Molly & I were on the high of Tarceva working, making the documentary “Molly’s Journey” and meeting new people. Molly kept going and beside a scare with blood clots in March she was doing very well. We took a week long vacation in Europe. Maybe cancer had decided to quit. 

News about the Tarceva progression was not a big surprise to us, I have heard of people being the exceptions to the rule, but I wasn’t foolish enough to think we would be one of them. When Molly started complaining about pain in her hip, we both knew it was not a good news. Few weeks later pet scans confirmed progression of cancer cells in her lymph nodes and hips.

After scans we met with the oncologist She suggested adding Avastin to her treatment and radiating her hip. There were still a lot of options, and more in the pipeline. Call me an optimist, but just think how little was available three years ago, now think how much more will be available three years from now?

That night we were informed Molly’s Journey had won an Emmy for the Best Documantary. Bitter sweet news but hey how many people can say they won an Emmy? Well actually our producer Liza won it, but she gave us the Emmy….Don’t believe me look at the picture below. Cool ha?


Anyway as the song says “And the Beat Goes on” and so will we. Molly’s long project of transforming our backyard to an oasis with a guest house is on track to be finished in few weeks. I just hope the girls get to use the new hot tub soon.

IMG_9706As molly is getting adjusted to the new medication and radiation ending, she has decided to take few weeks off of from work to recharge her batteries. Good news is today is the last day of radiation and we will go out to a big celebration for dinner. Just hoping that Avastin super charges Tarceva so we get few more months out of it before we have to go on the next treatment.

4 thoughts on “The Beat goes on, and Emmy’s are heavy!

  1. Thank-you for the update! I have been waiting to hear how Molly is doing. You are right, there are so many options now for treatment and that will continue to expand, thank goodness. Always in my thoughts…….Kathy


  2. Arash, I LOVE that you say “we” instead of “Molly” in sentences like this one: “Just hoping… we get few more months out of it before we have to go on the next treatment.”
    It is so loving and I know you didn’t even analyze it, it just rolls off your tongue. But it’s so clear what a team you are 🙂 Wishing you guys all the best always. xoxo

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