Living Out Your Life Award-First Winner


Last November a well meaning lady told me that Molly & I should live out our lives, so of course I wrote about it. The comment didn’t sit too well because we have always “lived out our lives”, and didn’t need cancer diagnosis to get us started. But as I started meeting more patients I started understanding what the lady meant. 

There are patients who are lucky enough that their treatments work and they can live a semi-normal life. These lucky bunch (who their numbers are growing thanks to the latest treatments) react all differently to their diagnosis. Some become obsessed with their disease and lock themselves in their bedrooms, some go crazy and buy a sports car, and some go on living their lives as normally as they can. I am not in a position to condone or condemn any of these behaviors, but I am specially impressed with the ones who go on living.

Last weekend we were lucky enough to stay at our friend’s beach house in Monterey and after a few manly drinks I thought about an award I should give out to those patients who are not only living out their lives, they are doing some extra ordinary stuff. Again let’s be fair, these are the lucky ones who the treatments are working for them and they feel semi well.

That night unable to sleep from mai tai haze and amount of food I had consumed, I thought about who I would nominate for this newly Arash created award and of course I thought of my own wife Molly. This is not just because I am married to her and don’t want to sleep with the dog tonight. It’s because she is awesome.

So here is my case for awarding my wife. Molly was diagnosed on November 2013 with Stage 4 LC, EGFR positive. She has been lucky enough that her treatment Tarceva has been working for her so far. It’s not saying it has been an easy trip, besides dealing with Tarceva’s side affects, she has had radiation done last November and in March she was hospitalized for numerous blood clots which two had traveled to her lung.

Despite dealing with all the issues Molly has kept her full time job as a senior manager at Apple (no I didn’t get a free Apple Watch), she is a Girl Scouts troop leader, and keeps up with two energetic girl’s demanding schedule. she also starred in her own LC documentary which was shown on NBC.

Last year Molly undertook a huge backyard remodeling project, which includes a guesthouse which I am told will not be a man cave, and a spa which I will have to clean and maintain. This year only few weeks after being hospitalized for blood clots, Molly went on a two weeks business trip to Ireland and then met me for a ten days vacation in Greece. In Greece, she kept up with the 10 mile per day walks which sometimes were up steep hills. The entire time she hardly complained even though I knew she didn’t always feel 100%.

So as you can see Molly deserves to be the first newly created by me “Living Out Your Life Award”. I hope to add more and more people to the list.


Acropolis,  Athens Greece

One thought on “Living Out Your Life Award-First Winner

  1. I always enjoy your posts as I can identify with so many of the things you are going through and feeling. I would like to nominate my husband Jeff too. He was diagnosed last April 2014 with Stage 4 LC, ALK positive. Although the side affects have been brutal, we are grateful that the treatments are working. Jeff has a positive attitude and to the best of his ability, has chosen to “go on living.” We have a 9 year old and no matter how he feels, Jeff gets out of bed every day with a smile on his face for his son. Jeff’s goal is to keep our son’s life as normal as possible for as long as we can. He still goes to work every day (although this is often a struggle). He also helped coach my sons little league team all the way to the championship this month. Although we lost, my son told Jeff “it’s okay dad, it’s baseball not cancer.” Jeff still actively participates in 2 charities that we have always been involved with – one called ICareICure that is trying to find kinder, gentler cures for pediatric cancer. As a family, we are trying to make as many happy memories as we can, that include trips to Alaska, the Grand Canyon, Disney World and New York City. Jeff does whatever he feels up to doing, and I “fill in” the rest. Every day we find something to be grateful for – a hug, a long laugh after a funny joke, great friends…. Through it all, Jeff makes us laugh – humor, love and great doctors are his weapons. He is grateful for every extra day he has.


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