Long Time No Talk!

Greece 2015 So I keep getting messages why I have not written lately. To be honest, it’s because things have been kinda of boring, and I have been lazy. This year besides a trip to ER for it has been an un eventful year. In cancer world uneventful is good. You ask why did we go to the ER? Well Molly had some serious pains, and it turned out it to be blood clots in her lung and legs. Apparently cancer has some other fun ways to kill besides tumors. Never a dull moment. For years Molly had wanted to visit her team in Ireland, and finally decided to go. Since my parents were in town to watch the girls I decided to join her at the end of her trip in London and after that we were going to spend 10 days in Greece. As I have said before Molly & I are travelers and we have no fear of taking small children with us to far off destinations, but this was an opportunity of life time. Ten days in Greece with out kids. Knowing opportunity like this doesn’t come that often, I used all our AMEX points and got one first class ticket on Virgin Atlantic to London. Eleven hours on a plane by myself with no kids nagging me to watch TV…….Heaven. And at the end I would get to spend ten wonderful days with my wife, it was like a second honeymoon. IMG_1592 Of course in the cancer world there is no such a thing as “long term” planning. We planned this trip, back in January and almost canceled it three times, last time being while Molly was in the ER. When I got on the plane, I was in disbelief……I was really going!  Virgin upper class was very elegant and they try to feed you constantly, I just wanted to sleep. I have flown business class before but never first class. The had seats turned into beds!!! Right after boarding, I switched my seat with a grumpy lady.  Some poor mom had dared to bring her baby in first class, and this lady was not gonna be next to her. I gladly switched seats with the lady and sat next to the mom, and in return she let me play with her cute son while she got bottles and so on ready. For the record the baby slept almost the entire trip, and the lady sat next to a very large gentleman who snored like a freight train. Karma is a bitch! Like I said, I ate only a light dinner and took an ambient and went to sleep. When I woke up we were an hour away from landing. Took the train to our hotel and met up with my wife. She looked great. Ten days of working and being taken care of by very hospitable Irish had done her some good. All her symptoms from the radiation and the blood clots had been gone, and she was in a fantastic mood. We had dinner with Molly’s cousin that night and the next day I got to walk around in one of my favorite cities while Molly went to her meeting at the London Apple office.

Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road

That night we flew into Athens and checked in to our hotel. We toured the historic city for three days, ate, and Molly shopped and then shopped more. I was convinced that Molly was trying to single handedly upstart Greece’s economy. I found the historic Athens charming, full of tourist shops who sold T-Shirts with inappropriate english slogans and penis shaped bottle openers!!!! IMG_1680 Next on our agenda was the famous island of Santorini. We stayed at the Oia part of the island, where some genius marketer advertised the city’s sunset as the most beautiful sunset in the world. Every day tour buses would bring hundreds of Japanese tourists to see the famous sunset and and after the sunset took them back to their hotels. For the record the sunset was among the most over rated tourist traps in the world. For four days we walked up and down Santorini’s steep hills and my wife with an injured lung kept up like a trouper. She was in a great shape the entire trip and took full advantage the personal jacuzzi in our hotel room. For few hours we actually forgot that she had cancer. This was a great trip. IMG_1950 After ten days in Greece, my parents had taken wonderful care of both girls and the house, but due to ongoing construction, we walked into blocked driveway, broken thermostat. To add on top of it, Molly started having sharp pains in the hip where she had a cancer mets before. Fortunately an X-ray showed that this was due to walking ten miles per day and not cancer progression. Of course not after making us lose sleep for a week. Like I said….never a dull moment.

2 thoughts on “Long Time No Talk!

  1. I’m so happy to hear the you both had such a great trip! Any ideas on where you’d like to go next? Planning a trip is half the fun (okay maybe 20%). You can always change your plans if you have to. Virgin Atlantic is really easy to work with if you have to cancel award flights. That Upper Class is quite addictive, isn’t it? 🙂


  2. What a great trip, it sounds like! It’s good that you and Molly got to have a second honeymoon of sorts. First class is always awesome and quite spoiling.
    Hope all’s well in the Tarceva department.


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