Optimism vs. Realism


I have not been writing for a while, and to be honest it has been nice being away from the cancer world. It was a busy year last year and I feel like Molly & I did enough for LC world to deserve a little furlough. Of course full break from cancer is unrealistic when so many have passed away during the past few months. For me the most heart breaking ones were Oren Miller & Ruth Rainwater who I had become friends with.

My CEO asked me while ago how do you stay so positive? Being positive is a characteristic I am seldom accused of. I am naturally a glass half empty kind of guy, but lately I have been realistically optimist about the future. I know so many have passed away since the beginning of the year, but so many are also doing well. Many including my own wife have no or very little cancer detectable in their body, more patients have made it past the dreaded five years mark and many new treatments including FDA giving break through designations to immuonotherapy drug for ALK & EGFR patients. So my optimism is realistic, not just hopeful thinking.

Last November Molly had what remained of her main tumor radiated, Tarceva is still working, my older daughter is doing well in school, my five year old announced her intentions to marry her boy friend (don’t ask!), and I get to go on a vacation with my wife……wait for it………..with out kids!!!! I know, I know, how do I handle my rock n’ roll life style?

Looking at what’s good about today and not worrying about tomorrow is easier said than done. I can’t say I do it every day, but today I was able to 🙂

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