You think you had a tough week?

Living in the Cancer’s FU World, there are no such things as dull moments. Just when you think everything is good, it will send you a reminders it may not.  After a quite holiday, we had what can only  be described as Hell Week.

Few months ago I asked my psychiatrist if my life was just extra “special”? After laughing, she said besides Molly’s cancer my life is very normal. I don’t know about you, but to me normal means wake up, go to work, come home, sleep! Mine is never like that, I would kill to have a “normal” life sometimes! Don’t believe me? Just read on.

Molly’s Story

As people who watched our documentary know Molly had a small progression last October which Dr. Wakelee decided to radiate. A week after radiation Molly started having migraine headaches and some strange pains. After few weeks of this, molly emailed Doctor Wakelee, and since we have the best oncologist in the world she decided to do a brain MRI and chest CT to rule out cancer progression. Brain was scheduled last Sunday and chest CT yesterday. The day after brain scan, Molly called her nurse oncologist to ask for the results, the nurse has always given us the results over the phone but this time for some reason she said we had to wait to talk to our oncologist. WTF! To a cancer patient, this means only one thing. BAD NEWS!

 Roofus’s Story

If you read my blog about Dachshunds, you know we adopted a rescue after our beloved Roxie died from cancer.  For weeks now Roofus has been drinking water constantly and then relieving himself on our hardwood floor. This behavior was not normal for him, so we decided to take him to the vet. The vet thought he had a condition called Cushing Disease, in order to fully diagnose him though she needed a CT scan.  On Saturday, we got a call from the vet saying that CT showed a tumor in his spleen which may have metastasized to his lungs! Seriously, my dog has Lung Cancer now? They had to do a biopsy on his tumor and we wouldn’t know the results for few days.

Dillan’s Story

For a week now my younger daughter has been going to the school nurse for various reasons to get picked up early. One day it was her head hurting, the other day was her back and yesterday she had had a pee accident and needed new clothes. Dillan has had night terrors all her life, a condition that got worst for few weeks after her mom was diagnosed. Recently she started having nightmares again, and along with excuses at school it made us worry.

Arash’s Story

Me being a natural pessimist and worry wort, this week was a tough one. Am I having another case of 2013s?  In 2013 with in the span of eight months, my dog died, my job fell apart, and my wife was diagnosed with cancer. When I look back it now, all the signs were there in January of that year. So was it happening again? I decided to keep calm and hope for the best. Turned out this was a good idea.

Conclusion to the Hell week

Just like it started this week ended with a bang. On Wednesday the vet called and Roofus’s tumor turned out to be blood cloth and not a tumor. I gave the vet an earful about giving the worst case scenario instead of not just stating facts. My wife did not need to hear her dog may have lung cancer too!

Yesterday Molly had her chest scan, and we met with Doctor Wakelee afterward. Turns out the brain was clean and lungs showed no signs of cancer progression. After giving an earful about the nurse oncologist’s less than stellar bed side manners we happily left Stanford Cancer Center.

After oncologist appointment, we picked up the girls from school and found out Miss Dillan has been making excuses to get picked up early, not because she is worried about her mom but because every time her daddy would pick her and take her to have sushi! Dillan loves sushi. Oh she got an earful too.

So I guess I am not having another case of 2013s. A week that started so bleak ended very well. To add cherry on top of the cake, I found out this morning one of our friends who is ALK positive is having very good results from his secondary TKI. Needless to say, I am on cloud nine right now. Life is good! Who needs “normal” anyway? 🙂



6 thoughts on “You think you had a tough week?

  1. I hope things have settled down and your 2015 has improved!! I just came across your blog and documentary (well done) after seeing Molly on the recent Living Room – Bonne J Addario.

    I am in Australia but am a 39 year old women with three young children – I also tested positive for the EGFR mutation. I am about to take my 2nd Tarceva pill tonight 😁

    I would love to email yourself or Molly to hear more about your experience with Tarceva and to make contact with another young Family fighting this horrible disease.

    Wishing you all the very best.



  2. Thank you! I would love to make contact, only problem is that I can’t find a contact email address on your blog. Apologies if I’m completely missing it, otherwise would you mind shooting me an email so that I can reply? Many thanks.


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