Sugar and Spice….


Happy new year, and what better subject to start 2015 with than children. I love children…..OK not all children only the pleasant ones. Some kids are just straight up nasty.  My love for children came at a very early age. My Persian mother found this scary not because it wasn’t manly, but because she thought I would have 10 kids and stay poor for the rest of my life. The truth is I would have liked to have three daughters, but Molly announced after Dillan her baby making shop was closed. 

Now let’s be honest kids are hard, and little girls can specially be a handful. I grew up in a family of boys, and having two super sensitive daughters has been a new experience for me.  I am not complaining because I wanted girls and didn’t think I would have them coming from a family of boys.

I love having daughters, but if you think girls are sugar and spice everything nice you are highly mistaking. Little girls can be so much meaner thank little boys. Best example is how each sex handles settling arguments. Boys settle it with a punch, little girls use words. Punches can hurt a lot less.  Last month Madison had her 9th birthday party at our house with five of her girl friends. At one time or other during the party a little girl was crying because they either she felt ignored or someone had said something mean to her. How I wished they would all gotten in the ring and just punch it out. By the end of the party I felt like a mediator negotiating Middle East Peace agreement.

Despite all these, lately I am finding the company of children more fun than some adults. Either old age is taking away my social skills or at some level I communicate with children better.  I have also met some children that they have a parent who has cancer and personally think children handle cancer better than some adults do. They are worried but their optimism is not skewed like some adults. Last summer Madison told my older aunt, that she is not worried about her mom because angels look out for her. Madison was only seven when Molly was diagnosed and her way of coping is believing in guardian angels. This is why sometimes I would love to give back my “Adult Card”, and live in kid world.

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