A New Year, A New Hope


Over the holidays my family and I took a break from Cancer world. We have had an active 2013 from scans, getting results, cancer fund raisers, to our NBC documentary and needed a break. This was of course easier said than done, cancer is well…….. is like cancer…..it takes over your life. We tried to have a normal holiday despite its existence, and it was good. Continue reading

Sugar and Spice….


Happy new year, and what better subject to start 2015 with than children. I love children…..OK not all children only the pleasant ones. Some kids are just straight up nasty.  My love for children came at a very early age. My Persian mother found this scary not because it wasn’t manly, but because she thought I would have 10 kids and stay poor for the rest of my life. The truth is I would have liked to have three daughters, but Molly announced after Dillan her baby making shop was closed.  Continue reading