Crazy Crazy Holidays!


I think the biggest under statement of the year would be to say that this is a better holiday season than last year’s. This year it actually feels like a holiday season, everyone in the family is happy, smiling, laughing, etc. Last year I wanted to shove up a Christmas tree up Santa’s nose.

Since we are a multicultural family we celebrate all holidays. Hanukkah, Christmas, Norooz, you name it. Molly loves all the holidays. On Christmas our house looks like Santa Clause threw up, and during the Persian New Year Molly is the one who sets the Norooz table. Madison & Dillan have their own menorah and love going to Hanukkah parties.

I on the other hand don’t care for the chaos. I complain and moan about the mess and the extra work I have to do, and molly Molly just ignores me. I know there is joy in giving, but there is major pain in figuring out what to get every one, dealing with a messy tree and the toys everywhere on Christmas day.

This year though I have taken off my Bah Humbug hat and trying to be more in the holiday spirit. Trust me I still don’t care for the chaos and materialism of the holidays, but I am glad at least my wife is not sick. It’s funny how we take health for granted but stress over silly things like Christmas lights on our house or our annoying in law staying with us for few days. Your house does not need to look like the Griswald’s , and for your annoying in law they have made some incredible advances in noise cancelling headphones technology. Mine is wireless!

Be happy your family is healthy. I’m happy that Molly, Lisa, Jeff, Samantha, Emily, Corey, Tori, Luna, Janet, Jill, Jodi and numerous other patients I have met over the year are doing well with their treatments and will be around for many more crazy holidays for their children and loved ones.

4 thoughts on “Crazy Crazy Holidays!

  1. I was determined that last year’s Christmas was going to be the kind of Christmas I wanted because I knew it could possible be the last one for me. And my partner is the grinch. So this year will also be a good Christmas, because I’m determined it will be.

    May you and yours celebrate everything!!

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