Even Antisemitic Idiots Don’t Deserve Cancer


My last blog was going to be it for the year, but a readers comment has made me come out of retirement. I get many comments on my blogs, and most of them are very kind. I don’t approve all of them because they tend to be very religious and I am not religious!

Last week I got a comment so unkind that it actually made me mad. I won’t give the writer the satisfaction of repeating the entire message, but it was in line with “Jewish People” deserve cancer. Now let’s be very clear, even though I am not religious I have respect for people who are. I grew up Muslim, had a fascination with christianity specially Catholicism (they have the best art), and in US I was submerged into Judaism through friends and family. I understand religion and hate intolerance, in specific antisemitism. Respect people for who they are, not what their religion is.

When this person made the first comment, I talked to Deana and she told me a great story about how her father took the high road when somebody insulted him as a jew. I decided to use the same approach and just ignore this person. Yesterday I decided to use one of my favorite quotes from Rabbi Israel Salanter in my blog. I heard this quote from a holocaust survivor when I was in college and has stayed with me. Again this person posted another unkind comment and I will again take the high road and say, even antisemitic idiots like you don’t deserve cancer!

Oh last thing, he did mention that he loved our documentary. So If you are reading this blog, take a wild guess what religion our producer Liza Meak is? Oh snap!

5 thoughts on “Even Antisemitic Idiots Don’t Deserve Cancer

  1. Arash, you are fantastic. I am Jewish, but not very religious, but we are traditional.
    I applaud you once again for your response to that anti-Semitic person. At last year’s Hope Summit, I had dinner with Molly…. loved her and now, through your blog, the whole family. Keep up the good work you’re doing.


  2. Great job Arash…..we really don’t have time for this kind of simple minded jargon do we? We need to spend our time on finding a cure for lung cancer and loving people rather than chastising……I always believe in the ‘high road’……it is a much more interesting journey than taking the ‘bottom road’…….. Big hug to you Molly and those precious little girls! Here is to all little girls getting red cowboy boots for the Holidays!!!! xoxoxoxo


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