Hmmm….Did your wife smoke?

Lung TreeIt has been a year since we found out Molly has cancer. Probably the longest year of my life.  I always tell people I became an adult at the age of 42, as at no period in my life I have grown up so much. The cliché of living life one day at a time is very true after cancer diagnosis. It is amazing how some of things that mattered 12 months ago do not matter anymore. Family and friends have become the most important part of our lives.

Through Lung Cancer community, I have met many new friends. I have met patients, caregivers, doctors and advocates. Lung Cancer community is very tight knit, we stick together because Lung Cancer is the only cancer where the patient is blamed for their own disease. This is in part thanks the stigma that smoking causes lung cancer.

This year over 160,000 people will die of lung cancer and many of those have never smoked. Lung cancer kills more people every year than all major cancers combined, but you don’t see any major campaigns on TV. Ok………….I am off my soap box now!

Like I said I have made many new friends through lung cancer and formed a new club. Members of this club are all young,  have small children, and are college educated. One thing all the patients have in common is that they have never smoked, yet they are asked if smoking was the cause of their cancer.

One of my favorite people in the club is Samantha. Samantha recently wrote an article titled Living with It, my favorite is #4. I would read it carefully as she has very good points on how to talk to somebody with cancer, especially lung cancer. By the way next time you meet somebody who has just had a heart attack, asked if they smoked. Does it sound insensitive?  Take a wild guess what the number one disease caused by smoking is?

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