Stop calling living “Bucket List”!


Ok how many other people are sick of this term? Did the word even exist before the Morgan Freeman movie? I understand getting a diagnosis like cancer is a rude awakening that life is fragile, but wasn’t it true before the diagnosis? I also understand you may want to do some of the thing you may been waiting on doing but that’s call living.

Ok, let me put it in another term. Kicking the bucket means dying, and living will……means living. When you call it a bucket list, you are subconciosuly telling yourself that you are gonna die. Getting a diagnosis like cancer sucks but today there are a lot of options available, and with in few years even more. Genetic Testing, has changed the cancer playing field and made a world of options available for patients. I should know, I go to Bonnie’s monthly Living Rooms 🙂

While ago I was reading a patient’s blog and she said first thing she bought after diagnosis was a grave site! I am happy to say this patient still alive and doing well after five years. Now wouldn’t she have been better off if she had spend the money buying some Apple stock vs. a grave site?

Again if you have been diagnosed with cancer and you are doing well enough to go on and do all the things you wanted to do, go on and do it. But don’t call it a bucket list because nobody has an expiration date.

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