Fund raiser for a Special Mom


We may be low on funding, but we are big on community. This is one of my favorite blogs, not just because I am mentioned in it 🙂 LC community sticks together because patients are often blamed for their own disease. We help each other because the media and general public usually do not.

Just like any other cancer Lung Cancer can take a financial toll on a patient. Patients are often not able to work and have to deal with their insurance company’s red tapes.  This is specially hard if you are a single mom with very little finacial support. I wrote about Kelly while ago when she had a youcaring campaign when she was trying to raise funds for her travels from Rochester to NYC for treatment. That campaign was not very successful, so we are trying a gofundme campaign which has been successful for other patients.

Now I need your help to spread her fund raiser to help this well educated single mom have a quality of life she deserves with her small boys. Please click on the picture below to go to Kelly’s fund raiser.



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