“Molly’s Journey”, NBC Documentary About Us

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Many of you know that in April our family was interviewed by KNTV, a San Francisco’s NBC affiliate. Due to success of this broadcast, NBC decided to follow us for seven months and film us living our everyday lives and dealing with LC.

What our producer Liza wanted was to show the world that a LC patient can be a young nonsmoker mom living life to the fullest. We agreed to have our private lives shown to the world, to help eliminate the stigma that has prevented LC to get the attention it needs in the media.


Filming began almost immediately after the first interview. We were filmed having dinner at home, taking our daughters to their first day of school, and even getting scan results. Being filmed while you are getting your scan results adds whole other level of anxiety to the existing “Scan Anxiety”. Thank God for Liza and David being such a nice company. On top of it all,  we didn’t even know the project would be approved by NBC, we finally got our approval last week. “Molly’s Journey” will be a half an hour special shown  Saturday, November 29th 6:30PM Pacific Time on KNTV. Even though this show will air only in San Francisco Bay Area, it will be immediately available on Molly’s NBC Website for the world to see.

You wanna help ease the stigma of lung cancer? This is where it begins. Breast cancer, the only cancer that gets media attention started by showing patients that ordinary people could relate to. If it happens to them, it can happen to me. Please mark your DVR’s or check on the website on the day it broadcast. This is our chance.


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