Now that you have cancer, you guys should Really live your lives!


Next to “Has your wife ever smoked?”, this is my second least favorite comment . Really? Do you just assume that we were sitting on our butts wasting our lives? What I find ironic about this comment is that it couldn’t be further from the truth. Molly and I have always lived out our lives. We have done more in the past twenty years than most do in a life time.

When I first got out of college like all my friends I was obsessed with making money, then I heard a story about a successful investment banker name John. John a Harvard graduate, spent most weeks working over 10 hours per day making millions of dollars. He had postponed all vacations and ignored his family to achieve his goal of retiring by the age fifty.  He was planning on traveling the world in a private jet after retirement. John did retire at fifty but never got to travel the world. That’s because six months after retirement he had a debilitating stroke which left him in a wheel chair for the rest of his life.

Living in Silicon Valley and being surrounded by technology millionaires I have met many people like John. I must have told all of them the John story and to date none of them have changed their ways.  Making money is addictive once you start, it will take over your life. Early in our careers Molly & I realized that we weren’t so obsessed with making money to have it take over our lives. This is why I was a little angry when a well meaning lady told me last month, “We should start living out our lives now”. This blog is dedicated to Sally, the naive lady at Starbucks.

Dear Sally, thank you for your kind advice but Molly and I have always lived out our lives. To me living out your lives means that you follow your passion. It can be art, sports, writing, or many other things. Some people like our friend Claire even made a career out of their passion. This concept may sound simple, but I am surprised how many people have put their passions on hold until retirement.  Molly & I’s passion is traveling. I mentioned on my Australia blog, that we do not mind long distance destinations.  Each year we spend a good portion of our income on flights, hotels, museum fees, but have never regreted the experience. Actually not true, we didn’t care for Aruba too much.

So dear Sally as you can see we didn’t need cancer to start living out our lives, we have been doing it for years. I was going to write out every place we have been to, but as they say pictures says a thousand words 🙂

9 thoughts on “Now that you have cancer, you guys should Really live your lives!

  1. Just know that wasn’t this Sally. I admire you, Molly, and the girls … and all you do to live life to the fullest. Lots of hugs from a different Sally … Me!


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