Compassion, Passion & Dedication-Chris Draft


I met Chris Draft yesterday. I have been wanting to meet Chris for a long time. Chris is one of those extra ordinary people that you come across once in a life time. To begin with Chris is a Stanford graduate who played both college and professional Football, he also lost his wife Keasha to Lung Cancer. Chris currently runs Team Draft Family Foundation.

I may not match Chris in intelligence and athletic abilities but I can relate to him in one aspect, I know how it feels to have a wife who has cancer. Chris has made it his mission to go around the country and and take LC survivors to sporting events. Last Month he took Molly and two other LC patients a Stanford game, yesterday he took Molly & I to the 49ers game. Chris who used to play for the Niners, was invited for the Alumni game and brought us as his guests.

Throughout the game Chris talked to us about his mission, to show the world that LC patients can live a normal life, and more importantly to have a good time. He showed me a picture of Keasha on his phone and said quietly, “She is always with me”. Keasha passed away a month after they were married nearly four years ago. “When you love somebody, a month is a life time”, Chris said again quietly, then he looked up at Molly & I and explained further, “I want to show the world how a patient with two children gets up everyday, goes to work comes home and takes care of her family.”

Since started dealing with this disease, I have met many bigger than life people. They have made it their mission to change the stigma of the world’s biggest cancer killer. Why? Because it affected them or somebody they love. Chris is somebody who can be successful at doing anything he chooses, but he has made the Foundation his life goal. After the game, Chris was rushing to the airport for a red eye flight to NYC to take another set of survivors to the NY Giants game.

November is Lung Cancer Awareness month, and people like Chris Draft are the ones who are trying to make a difference. Please take the time to look at his Foundation and what he has done. Spread his word. Keasha was a wife, an electronic engineer, an NBA Dancer, and another patient taken too early by this horrible disease. She also never touched a cigarette.




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