Hmmm….Did your wife smoke?

Lung TreeIt has been a year since we found out Molly has cancer. Probably the longest year of my life.  I always tell people I became an adult at the age of 42, as at no period in my life I have grown up so much. The cliché of living life one day at a time is very true after cancer diagnosis. It is amazing how some of things that mattered 12 months ago do not matter anymore. Family and friends have become the most important part of our lives. Continue reading

Friday November 15th, 4:05 PM


Friday November 15th, 4:05 PM. I remember that moment as clear as it was yesterday. I had just started a new job, and this was my second week. I was taking notes for next week, trying wrap up so I can go home. My Phone rang, and it was Molly. Figured she wanted to talk about dinner. I answered, and Molly was crying on the other end. “The doctor just called, they see a spot on my scans, they think something is really wrong”. Friday November 15th, 4:05 PM everything changed.

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