I really need to write something happy!


Ok I just realized I haven’t posted anything funny in weeks. This is partially because last week was a horrible week. It started with the death of a 26 year old from LC and then a friend’s brain mets. Also Molly having scans this week has not been a party starter either. Then last night I saw my five year old walking around the house in jeans, pink cowgirl boots, and wife beaters. I just started laughing, it looked funny and also reminded me of one of my college roommate Dave. Dave had the size and IQ of a pick up truck, but he was the nicest guy in the world. Continue reading

Scan is a four letter word!

They say you learn all your choice four letter words by the time you are ten, but at the age of 42 I learned a new one, “scan”. Ok… if you went up to a large inmate and yelled “Scan You”, he would probably look more confused than pissed. But to those of us in cancer world scan times scary times. There is a term for the period before we get scan results, and it’s called “Scan Anxiety“.

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Getting Ready for November Lung Cancer Awareness Month

homepage.jpgPeople have been asking me if I have stopped writing, and by people I mean my mother. I have not stopped writing, in matter of fact I am writing almost everyday. I am getting ready for full assault on month of November. ┬áNovember was not too kind to us last year and this is my way of getting back at it. As Samuel Jackson said on Pulp Fiction, “I’m gonna get medieval on its Ass”.

I am actually encouraging all my LC brethrens to keep their best materials for November. ┬áLet’s show the world lungs are as precious as breasts. I admire breast cancer people for what they have been able to do, I myself used to have a “I love Boobies” breast cancer T-shirt in college. But again, nobody asks a breast cancer patient if they ever smoked!