My Open Letter to Lung Cancer-Starting Lung Cancer Awareness Month

th Dear Lung Cancer,

You came to our house uninvited and tried to take away our happiness. You threatened to take away my daughter’s mother before she was even ten. Who does that? Why are you so evil? But you didn’t win? A year later we have emerged even stronger as a family. We are closer and have learned to enjoy every day to the fullest. What is most evil about you is that you come with a stigma. Unlike breast cancer that comes with sympathy, you have come with “did your wife smoked?” Gee thanks!

We have spent the year devoting all our extra time fighting your stigma. We have agreed to have our private lives shown on TV, write, walk, tweet and do what ever it takes. My philosophy in life is if you are going to start something do it passionately and I have never been more passionate about anything in my life. You may have been able to win the battle by taking so many wonderful people, but you will loose the war. Every year there are new treatments and before long there will be a vaccine against you.


November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month and as much as I don’t like writing serious blogs, I will spend all my energy this month raising awareness. I started this blog to create a positive environment for the families going through Lung Cancer, and changing its stigma by reaching out to non-cancer audience. I have been fairly successful in doing that but now I need your help. In two days LC Awareness Month starts,  I have written many articles for this month aimed at reaching out and easing the stigma. Please share and spread them with everyone you know. I am looking for the day, when someone says they have LC, next question will be “I am sorry”, not “Did you smoke?”


4 thoughts on “My Open Letter to Lung Cancer-Starting Lung Cancer Awareness Month

  1. I have been questioned likewise. However, since I work in oncology I’ve been asked” you never smoked did you? How do we make society and funding sources see lung cancer as the killer that it is? Maybe a national email or phone call campaign to our state and federal representatives.

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  2. Excellent letter. I too have LC Stage 4 diagnosed January 10, 2014 and I get the same question “Did you smoke” NO I NEVER smoked nor did I ever live with smokers….I hate the fact that there is a stigma attached…..thousands of people who are diagnosed with LC are people who have never smoked…it should not matter whether one smoked or not….no one deserves to have cancer no matter what kind it is but LC is mor of a killer then breast cancer and funding, research and awareness are needed for LC every bit as much as breast cancer or ALS or colon cancer if not more so!

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  3. I am a cancer survivor. A different kind, endometrial cancer, not lung cancer.
    I don’t know why I survived, but with all my heart I wish that you will too. And that whatever time you / we / have left, will pass in the best possible way, embraced by love, kindness and compassion for ourselves and all suffering creatures on this earth.


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