And Molly’s Scans Results are…..Drumroll Please!


6492-hurrahLast week I wrote a blog called, scan is a four letter word. Molly had her scans this week and it has been a little stressful. On Monday we received the brain scan results, and we are happy to say that there are no new tumors since starting on Tarceva, and the remaining two are either dead or too small to cause any harm. Today we got our lung scan results and everything is still stable except one little spot they may radiate. This means tonight we will sleep well. This is great news, and it means Tarceva is still working .

They say nothing good comes from cancer, I have to disagree. The love and support Molly & I have received from our friends, coworkers and family this week has renewed our faith in humanity. I have received calls, texts and emails all wishing us well. My friend John made us a gourmet dinner with desert and wine and dropped it at my work today. Samantha called me and actually made me laugh.

Kindness is nature’s Xanax, no drug in the world will give you the satisfaction kindness gives you. I always wondered why my aunt is so kind to everyone, now I understand. You may ask me how I plan to repay all this kindness? My answers is by being kind to another person. I am a big believer in karma. For example the jackass who cut me off in his big SUV on Monday, got a ticket for carpool violation few exits later.



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