Brand new program: Don’t Guess. Test

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Few months after Molly started on Tarceva, her oncologist called her and asked if she would be open to doing TV interviews. The subject of the interview was a 39 year old mom who was taking a pill for cancer. 

I have said this many times, my wife is very lucky to have one of the best oncologists in the world. Genetic testing was one of the first tests done after diagnosis. Two weeks after her biopsy, Molly’s genetic testing came back positive for the EGFR mutation.

Getting thrown head first into the Lung Cancer world, I found out there are some horrible doctors out there. There are patients who are not told about genetic testing and put on chemo right away. This is scary because most of us have grown up trusting our doctors and not questioning their judgment. When dealing with a serious diseases such as Lung Cancer, patients need to be their own advocate.

Tonight during The Lung Cancer Living Room Support Group, Dr. Carbone talked about all the options available to patients that were not available just a few years ago. Unfortunately not all patients are informed about them. This is why group of Lung Cancer Foundations have started a program called “Don’t Guess, Test”. This program is aimed to educate patients about options they have available to them which is very important for less educated and elderly patients.

Please go to this Link on Facebook and like the page, and share it. It is important for this program to reach as many patients as possible because all patients deserve the best treatments.

One thought on “Brand new program: Don’t Guess. Test

  1. Arash….I watched the living room video with Dr Carbone. Great! It’s always uplifting to hear someone in the lung cancer treatment world speak hopefully!


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