Scan is a four letter word!

They say you learn all your choice four letter words by the time you are ten, but at the age of 42 I learned a new one, “scan”. Ok… if you went up to a large inmate and yelled “Scan You”, he would probably look more confused than pissed. But to those of us in cancer world scan times scary times. There is a term for the period before we get scan results, and it’s called “Scan Anxiety“.

Molly has scans next week, and the mood at the Golbon household is very somber right now. We are very hopeful that this will be another good scan since Molly is feeling well, but with cancer you just never know. On top of it all we will have NBC TV crew filming us receiving our results. Daniels…..Calling doctor Jack Daniel’s!!!!

We are one of the luckier patients though. We happen to be treated by one of the world’s best Lung Cancer oncologists, Heather Wakelee. What makes Heather great is not just the fact she is on the forefront of LC research, it’s because she has an incredible bedside manner. Having a good bedside manner is specially important for an oncologist since you get to deliver news to patients already on the edge with “Scan Anxiety”.

Want an example of bad bedside manners? Read my friend Kathy’s blog from yesterday. You just don’t walk in the room and blab out “Sooooo…. I have some bad news and you have six brain mets, catch that 49ers game on Monday?” Similar thing happened to Molly after her first brain scan, an idiot fellow walked and announced “yup,  you have several brain mets, we are going to make the rest of your life comfortable”!!!!! Really? Tears started rolling down Molly’s eyes, and I almost said, Well happy Thanksgiving to you too fat ass! (noo, I have nothing against fat people).

You wanna know how Dr. Wakelee handled the same news? About half an hour after Mr. Congeniality told us he will make the rest of Molly’s life comfortable, Heather walked in and the first words out of her mouth was, “Brain is another organ, and I will treat you”. You could see the relief on Molly’s face. So if you are a med student reading my blog (apparently I have several of those), learn good bedside manners, because we are not just patients. We are husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, etc. and need a little humanity dealing with our terrible disease. Oh and to the idiot fellow who made my wife cry that night, “Scan you jack ass”!


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