My Open Letter to Lung Cancer-Starting Lung Cancer Awareness Month

th Dear Lung Cancer,

You came to our house uninvited and tried to take away our happiness. You threatened to take away my daughter’s mother before she was even ten. Who does that? Why are you so evil? But you didn’t win? A year later we have emerged even stronger as a family. We are closer and have learned to enjoy every day to the fullest. What is most evil about you is that you come with a stigma. Unlike breast cancer that comes with sympathy, you have come with “did your wife smoked?” Gee thanks! Continue reading

And Molly’s Scans Results are…..Drumroll Please!


6492-hurrahLast week I wrote a blog called, scan is a four letter word. Molly had her scans this week and it has been a little stressful. On Monday we received the brain scan results, and we are happy to say that there are no new tumors since starting on Tarceva, and the remaining two are either dead or too small to cause any harm. Today we got our lung scan results and everything is still stable except one little spot they may radiate. This means tonight we will sleep well. This is great news, and it means Tarceva is still working .

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