Young and diagnosed with Lung Cancer


Monday November 25th 2013, 49ers were playing Monday Night Football and everyone was excited since Thanksgiving was just around the corner. I was however at the Stanford Hospital clutching my wife’s tiny purse pacing back and forth nervously. I think 49ers were winning maybe this was a good omen, may be the surgeon would walk out and tell me my wife’s biopsy did not show malignant cancer cells. It’s the night I will never forget. Continue reading

Weekend in the happiest city in US-San Luis Obispo

IMG_2905I spent last weekend in the beautiful city of Avila Beach with close friends of ours. For those of you not too familiar with California, Avila Beach is located in the county of San Luis Obispo. Few years ago the city of San Luis Obispo was voted the Happiest Place in US. The easy going life style has made this California beach town an ideal place to live.  Folks who live here refer to the area as Central Coast even though if you look on the map, San Luis Obispo is toward the bottom not in the middle. This fact has always been amusing to me. Years later I found out why, apparently people in California don’t consider anything north of San Francisco California. Not a nice attitude if you ask me.

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