The Mike Myers Effect


Do you remember during the late 1990’s and 2000’s we were bombarded with Mike Myers movies? Within span of five years he starred in several Austin Powers and Shrek, and other movies. It seemed that people could not get enough of him. One thing about him was that, he pretty much played the same character in all of them. I think when Cat in the Hat came out, people realized he was playing a combination of Shrek and Austin Powers for the role. The Love Guru was the nail in his coffin. People just got sick of him, which was interesting because he was really funny. I was a huge fan of both Austin Powers & Shrek series, but just like everybody else I just got tired of Mike Myers’s humor.

Now I wouldn’t compare myself to a great star like Mike Myers, but I wonder if my blog readers will get sick of my humor too. I have been thinking about this from the beginning, and this is why I don’t post everyday anymore. Trust me I have enough stuff in my head to write everyday for months, but I think eventually people will get sick of it. I mean if people got sick of Mike Myers, who am I?

I still get about 1,000 views per week, and feedbacks have been great. I am also getting new readers which is very gratifying. My mentor in blogging is a blogging genius name Steve Chou. He writes a successful blog called “My Wife Quit Her Job“, a handy website that teaches people how to start online businesses. He and his wife are also close friends of ours. This week I asked Steve’s opinion on my blog and he asked a very good question? What is the goal of this website? We already know that I turned down an offer to publish a book, so what is my main goal? After thinking it over for a day, this is what I came up with:

  • Use humor to create a support enviornment for cancer patients with young children.
  • Erase the stigma of Lung Cancer’s by reaching out beyond the LC cancer community. This is stated on “The story Behind” page.
  • Using writing as therapy. Writing this blog helps me as I am also dealing with young children with cancer in the family.

In conclusion, am I gonna have a “Mike Myers” effect on my readers? I am not sure, it hasn’t happened yet. I will however continue writing as long as I get nice feedback from people. At the end if I only have ten readers per week instead of 1,000, as long as it helps them and me I will continue writting.

3 thoughts on “The Mike Myers Effect

  1. Arash….just keep writing from your heart, your head and never forget your sense of humor. Each and every day we want to cry one minute, laugh another and then use common sense (how boring)…..Tell the truth, add humor and remember ‘Out of the Mouths of Children’….they always have it right…….. We love you, Molly, Madison and Dillon and so will the world. Keep going. Bonnie xoxoxoxo


  2. Arash, I just found your blog. Thank you, it helps so much as I decide where to go with how to communicate both my sister’s journey (I am her “caregiver” for 2 years now) and how to change the face and fate of lung cancer. We started one form and now that seems to need to change as this journey changes. I hope you find a “new voice” because all three of your reasons are still very solid and Mike Myers is still funny! Well not sure about that last part because I haven’t watched but hey he’s on the recent Gong Show…with appreciate and sending love to your sweet family. Colleen

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