The Big Dilemma, Having my Blog Published into a Book


When I was in high school I hated writing. This was because as an ESL student I didn’t think my English and grammar were good enough. I always did a quick half ass job on my essays and was happy with a B or a C. This was stupid since I loved to read and love for writing should have come naturally.

Even as an adult I try to avoid writing. At work I am the person who will pick up the phone or walk to the next building to talk to a person instead of writing an email. Writing just takes too long. In my wildest dreams I never imagined that I would enjoy doing this blog so much. It has been a therapeutic experience for me and after reading the article “About People Who Love to Write“, I understood why.

Few weeks after I started this blog, a reader contacted me and told me he wanted to publish my blog into a book. His young wife was just diagnosed with breast cancer and like me he had dealt with a social worker who did not understand children. If you remember from my “How to Deal with Children” blog, our social worker gave us an insensitive “Mommy has Cancer” coloring book!

This reader was in publishing business and thought I could turn my blog into a book which can be used as a handout at the cancer centers. This was an amazing offer, it’s not every day you get to turn your life story into a book. When I got home that night, I spoke with Molly and we decided to politely reject the offer.

You may think turning down this offer was crazy, but hear me out. I write when I am inspired which is not every day. There are times  days go by and I don’t write a word, then one day I will write for hours. The idea of having a deadline to finish a book would not work with my style of writing. I was speaking to Lisa Goldman’s husband last weekend who himself has a technology blog, and he said it best. You write because you love to write, once it becomes a job the joy goes away. Here are the other reasons why I turned down the offer:

  • If I were to ever have my blog published into a book, I would not want it to be only available at cancer centers. One of my objectives of starting this blog was to take away the Lung Cancer stigma by reaching out to everyone not just the cancer community
  • Having a book published meant that I couldn’t post my stories on the internet anymore. Blogging is a social activity for me and I enjoy the interaction and feedbacks.
  • I have enough people nit-picking my grammar, don’t need an editor nagging me too!

So I think I have made my point why I am not going away and you will have to deal with my brand of humor a little longer. As Samantha would say,  I hope that’s ok with Y’all 😉

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