This is gonna be a very sad story-Not Really


I have been doing this blog, ohhhhh about a month and a half now and the experience has been a great anthropology lesson for me. As I mentioned from the very first blog this was not a cancer blog. It’s a blog about our lives and cancer being the unwelcome third wheel. Now don’t get me wrong, lung cancer support and awareness was one of the main objectives of this blog but not the only one. I didn’t feel right about blogging about Molly’s medical updates as I was not the patient. I was however the caregiver and her cancer very much affected me. My favorite bloggers were Lisa and Tori both LC patients so I started my blog with a same witty humor without so much about cancer.

So what did I learn from a month of blogging? I learned people are naturally attracted to melancholy. My blogging service provides me with detailed reports on how many people are visiting my page and which stories are being read more. As an accountant I couldn’t help but analyze the numbers and I came up with the conclusion that more people like the sad stories than funny ones. This is the same reason the evening news is full of sad reports vs. kitty being rescued from a tree. I personally don’t understand this because I much rather laugh than be sad, but numbers show a different story.

The blog Young and Diagnosed with Lung Cancer has been viewed over 2,000 times. I am not surprised by its success because its goal was to get people to share it. I do however wonder if it would have been as popular if I had not began the story with the details of the worst night of my life. With that said here are the next most popular blogs ranked by the number of views:

1. Daddy, am I gonna catch Cancer? Talking to children about parent’s cancer-viewed 1,800 times
2. The story Behind Living With Three Girls– Viewed 1,200 times
3. Molly, As Seen During Stand Up to Cancer– Viewed 900 times
4. Madison and Madison Avenue – Coping with parent’s cancer– Viewed 750 times
5. The Great Outdoors-Why I do not camp!– Viewed 600 times
6. The Evil Eyes– Viewed 400 times
7. I went Out Last Night!– Viewed 250 times

If you have been following my blog you know that the top four are all about cancer, and even though I tried to put a little humor in them they are not really funny. The views for the top five dwarf the other two and I think the only reason people loved number five is because I peed on a large cowboy’s tent!!! One of my favorite readers Samantha mentioned to me that I was endorsed, and people want to hear about lung cancer. This is very true,  LC community is who made my blog popular but I also worked hard to get other readers. As of right now, I have as many cancer community followers as non-cancer ones. But even the non-cancer followers read the cancer blogs more.

Out of the twenty something blogs I have written, my personal favorite, National Cheekies Days is the least popular one. This was actually very disappointing to me. I loved that one. So as the famous saying goes “Splain it to me Lucy”, don’t people rather laugh than be sad?

3 thoughts on “This is gonna be a very sad story-Not Really

  1. Sad but oh so true. It is why I don’t watch the news anymore.

    I am a big believer in the 80/20 principle.

    In this case 80 percent of the people in the word are good and loving and loving people. I don’t know why the focus is always on the people that are not.

    I do love all of your blog!!!!


    Bonnie A.


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