Arash’s unsung Heroes-The very First Blog

Hi everyone,

I originally posted this on Facebook for my friends and received overwhelming kind responses. The response was the reason I decided to start this blog. I thought for the weekend it deserved a reposting, that and I have to take the girls to Soccer & Ballet today so I have no time for writting 🙂


I have always found it interesting when people refer to professional athletes as their heroes. Think about it, what is so heroic about what they do? They are not risking their lives climbing up buildings on fire or take very low paying teaching jobs just to change a child’s life. Then I figured it out, they are considered heroes because they make people happy and proud.

Well most people who know me, know that I am not a sport fanatic, I watch it as a form of entertainment and like it when the local teams win since it makes my friends happy. I really didn’t consider anybody a hero until my wife was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Lung cancer does not get the attention breast or prostate cancer gets, mostly because people think it’s a smoker’s disease and the patient actually deserves it. Molly grew up by the beach and has never touched a cigarette in her life, yet she has a disease that kills more people every year than breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer combined. Ironically it’s still the most underfunded cancer. So next time you are at a baseball game consider donating the money you are about to spend on your 1200 calories garlic fries to Lung Cancer research. You may save a little girl’s mom and make the person sitting next to you on the train very happy.

So you want to know who my heroes are? These are the people who have made me proud and happy last 9 months:

Bonnie, Danielle, Andrea, Scott and all the people at Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation

Katie, Jill and the LUNGvity Foundation people

Deana, Janet and all other advocates who fight the uphill battle to change the stigma of Lung Cancer

Molly, Jill, Tori, Valerie, Samantha, Kathy, Lisa (both of them), Kelly, Natalie, Emily, Jeff, Jason and countless other patients and caregivers who fight this battle every day

Dr. Heather Wakelee, one of the best lung cancer oncologists in the world who is giving Molly back to us and is determined to cure her some day.

All the nurses who help patients so much and do not get the recognition they deserve. I have learned that nurses are the most under appreciated members of medical profession. You think you had a tough day at work? Imagine being a hospice nurse.

Last but not least, Liza and David who have been following us since April and have brought our story to the television.

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