Sooooo, Why did you move to US?


Summer 1986, fresh off the boat!

So why did you move to US? I still get this question asked all the time. I have been living in this country most of my life but I will always be an immigrant. I don’t really mind it though, immigrant sounds tough and cool. I’d like to think  I am like the immigrants who came to Ellis Island all those years ago, but I came on a jumbo jet with inflight movies not on a sardine packed boat when people didn’t bathe very often.

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Young and diagnosed with Lung Cancer


Monday November 25th 2013, 49ers were playing Monday Night Football and everyone was excited since Thanksgiving was just around the corner. I was however at the Stanford Hospital clutching my wife’s tiny purse pacing back and forth nervously. I think 49ers were winning maybe this was a good omen, may be the surgeon would walk out and tell me my wife’s biopsy did not show malignant cancer cells. It’s the night I will never forget. Continue reading