The Idiots who stole stuff from my car but forgot the $8,000 diamond


Some idiots broke into my car yesterday. I’m pissed. It’s not like I was parked in the hood. I was parked at the Stanford Shopping Center. For those of you out of towners, this is where the Silicon Valley elite shop. Anyway, I had a doctor appointment at Stanford so I decided to park at the shopping center and do some walking. I walked to my doctor appointment, and then went to pick up Molly’s prescription at the cancer center. After I was done, I dropped my stuff in the car and went out for lunch. When I came back my car doors were wide open.
Ok I did not lock my doors, but I usually don’t as I was driving my convertible and don’t see the point of locking it. The thieves will just slash the soft top which is a lot more expensive than anything I keep in the car usually. For my 40th birthday my wife bought me the ultimate midlife crisis car.  I won’t tell you what type in case you have Evil Eyes.  Not for its status or zero to sixty ability, this car is very special to me. Molly bough this car for me, and how many husbands can say that? So needless to say when I walked up and saw it violated like that I was infuriated.
I took inventory, who ever broke into my car stole some change, old sunglasses and my freshly purchased allergy medicine. However these idiots did not touch Molly’s pills which are worth about $8,000 for a month supply. Yes these miracle pills that are saving my wife’s life are as expensive as diamonds, but I doubt the stupid thieves knew that. Plus I don’t think there is a black market for Tarceva out there. I drove my violated baby to the car wash and gave it a good polish. My silver car is now resting in my garage after its big day. Today I am back to my comfortable economical Fiat 500. We love Luigi.

Elsa…..Do you wanna build a snowman?

Those of you with daughters know how big Disney Princesses are. Little girls worship them, dress like them and want to be like them. Whenever they have play dates they bust out their Disney Princess garb and walk around like a group of princess street thugs flashing gang signs at each other. “Yo Ariel, wanna score some juice box?!”

I personally have a love hate relationship with the princesses. I understand little girls love them, but I don’t think they are necessarily the best role models. First of all they are drawn physically perfect, and usually need a prince to rescue them. Plus as a father I would rather have them idolize women like their mother than some cartoon hoochie with big boobs. Molly is smart, successful and now a cancer survivor.

Every few years Disney introduces a new princess and Frozen was the hit princess movie of last Christmas. Frozen was huge among little girls, ours included. When it won an Academy Award, they danced around the living room like their team had just won the Superbowl. We watched the movie three times in the theater, and even went to a Frozen karaoke birthday party. I loved Frozen, besides having catchy tunes it was about a bond between two sisters and not marrying a handsome prince.

For our family Frozen’s release had a perfect timing. It came out around the same time Molly was diagnosed with Cancer, and a welcoming distraction for us. We all went to see it together and the girls were hooked. For Christmas they wanted all Frozen stuff which due to Disney’s miscalculation was impossible to find. My aunt found one lone backpack on Ebay for Dillan. Like I said it was a welcome distraction for the girls as it was not our best Christmas.

This was all great until I download the soundtrack. I have many videos of Dillan singing out of tune to Elsa and Anna. If the girls had a bad day at school a couple of hits of “Let it Go” in the car ride home fixed all problems. But just like Christmas music in December, it got old. It got to a point that the play count on my iTunes was up to 350 times for some of the songs on the soundtrack. I would inadvertently start singing the songs at work and having dreams about it. I almost had to seek therapy for it but thank God eventually the girls got tired of it. I was relieved because if I hear “In Summer” one more time I will reach through the television and hand Olaf a blow dryer!

The Evil Eyes

As far as I can remember, I have been warned against the Evil Eyes. My mother, my grandmother, my aunts, my great aunts, they have always warned me against the evil eyes. This is mainly a Middle Eastern belief that certain people have bad eyes. These individuals who possess evil eyes can inflict harm or even death by just looking at a person or giving them a compliment. Continue reading

Daddy, am I gonna catch Cancer? Talking to children about parent’s cancer.

Lung Cancer is an 80 year old smoker’s disease, right? WRONG Lung Cancer can happen to anybody, young, old, healthy, marathon runner etc. If you have lungs, you can get lung cancer.  My wife is only 39 and we have two daughters who are five and eight. When a parent has cancer it will affect the children, there is no way to avoid this. Children are intuitive and have sharp ears. It is one thing to deal with your spouse having Lung Cancer, but it’s a whole other challenge speaking to children about it. Continue reading

I’m Huge in Australia

This is true, after US Australians are the biggest readers of my Blog. I am guessing it’s my witty charm they appreciate, or it’s the pictures of cute girls? Not sure but I will take it. I love Australia and its people. I have always said if I were to live anywhere outside of US, it would be either Sydney or Salzburg (Big Sound of Music fan). I wouldn’t mind living in Switzerland either, but last time I checked I don’t poop cash! Continue reading