National Cheekies Day


This Labor Day, we are spending the long weekend with some of our best travel mates Peggy & Jason. They are the only parents who have the guts to drag their small daughters all over Europe with us. This weekend though, we are spending the holidays in San Luis Obispo by the beach. We all needed a relaxing vacation away from the hustle and bustles of Bay Area so it was the perfect destination for us.

Molly was born and raised in San Luis Obispo, and loves playing the host to her hometown. Two nights ago we all went to the world famous Madonna Inn, and had dinner at its ultra pink dinning room. To those of you who have not heard of Madonna Inn, the place looks like where cupid got too drunk and threw up. The hotel is also known for its themed guest rooms that can be best described as caves from the Flintstones Cartoon.


After Dinner, we walked to the restaurant’s ballroom where people were dancing to big band music. I love dancing with my daughters, but both of them were too embarrassed in front of their friends to dance with their dad. Jason’s daughters did not want to dance with him either, so both of us stood on the side like a couple of nerdy boys at a Junior high school dance watching the girls dance with each other.

I was talking to Jason later and we both agreed that this really sucked. As fathers to daughters we don’t ask for much. We do a lot for them and in return we want lots of hugs/kisses and if the opportunity is there, a father daughter dance. This was not acceptable to neither of us, and we were going to do something about it.

In the Golbon household, when ever girls want something special from me they negotiate in Cheekies (kiss on their cheeks). This is their currency, and Dillan my five year old in particular can negotiate her cheekies like a used car salesman. “If you let me watch TV, I’ll let you have some cheekies.” And if I piss her off, “No cheekies for you”. Needless to say cheekies are a hot commodity in our household.

Their embarrassment to dance with us the night before gave me the idea to declare yesterday “National Cheekies Day”. All four girls had to surrender their cheeks to their father or the cheekies police would arrest them.  We announced this made up holiday by the hotel pool and not only our kids, all the kids swimming believed it. Ok, the older ones were a little skeptical about cheekies police, but they still went along with it.  For the rest of the day cheekies were surrendered on demand and Jason & I were two very happy dads. I know those of you without kids are probably taking out your vomit bags now, yes this is corny. Like I said in my blog I went Out Last Night, parenthood has a way of sucking out the cool out of you!

cheekies 2cheekie 1








I think I will declare more “National Cheekies Days” this year, because more than ever I need my daughters. Cancer may have decided to move into our household uninvited, but it will not take away our closeness and happiness. I suggest this made up holiday to all those dads out there, because before you know it, your daughters will be too embarrassed to have a dance with you.

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