Newsflash……They found Jimmy Hoffa’s body!!!!!

Lung TreeOk they didn’t, but I wanted got your attention. By the way what is everyone’s obsession with Jimmy Hoffa’s body anyway? I personally would be more interested to know where Mozart was buried in Vienna.

Ok, now that I got your attention, I wanted to talk about an important issue. On Sunday September 21, Bonnie J Addario Foundation is having its annual Lung Cancer Walk in San Francisco, and team Molly is rocking. We still have a lot of people who have committed but have not registered yet. Time is running out so please go register here.

To all you other ones who read my blog, you are more than welcome to join us. Seriously our team is open to anyone who wants to join, so why not join? You get to meet some great people like, Molly, Lisa, Natalie, Bonnie, Danielle, Andrea, and the world famous Emily Bennett Taylor (EmBen). Yes, she will be there in person and she may even sign a few autographs!!

Now I know many of my readers don’t live in the Bay Area, but you can also help by directly donating to our cause by clicking here. Seriously Molly is very competitive and wants her team to be #1. Right now she is not, and by donating you can make her #1. This way she will be happy, and when Molly is happy we are all happy.


Again if you want register please click here to walk with us. And please click here if you want to directly donate to a great cause. Did I mention EmBen will be there? 🙂

How can you say no to this face?



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