Second Week Anniversary-Surprise Success of Non Cancer, Cancer Blog!


Today is the second week anniversary of my blog. The success of this blog has even surprised me. According to Google in the past the two-week I had over 4,000 pageviews in over 10 different countries. To be honest with you when I wrote the first article two weeks ago, I really didn’t know where I was going with it. I just wanted to make a Lung Cancer blog that its main focus was not cancer. I met with a big successful bloger yesterday and he recommended to move my blog to WordPress. WordPress gives more flexibility and information to the bloger. I have also set up a Facebook page for the site which can be found here.

When Molly was first diagnosed, I made the mistake of consulting with Doctor Google. This was a bad idea as internet is full of scary outdated data about Lung Cancer. Most blogs I found were by patients updating their loved ones on their health status. I did love LisaTori & Samantha‘s blogs but unlike them I wasn’t the patient, my wife was.

As I mentioned in my very first blog Three Ladies & Me, I came up with the idea long time ago but didn’t do anything about it. Later I was encouraged by my therapist to start writing about Molly’s cancer as a coping mechanism, but I didn’t want  the constant reminder that she was sick. Then an idea flashed in my head, start a blog that is funny and about cancer. Imagine that!  It will be an outlet for me and maybe make a few people laugh. I could eventually compile them into memoirs for my daughters to have.

Molly had taken the girls to her parents’ house that weekend so I was alone in the house. After four hours in front of my Macbook,  I had written five stories. I decided I would post one every day and share them through Facebook and Twitter. Although I really didn’t get many feedback on, Google showed that they were being read by a lot of people and the non-cancer, cancer blog was officially born. Sharing my blog with the close knit Lung Cancer community had made it spread like wild fire.

When Molly returned from her trip, I had her read the few stories I had written. She loved them but mentioned they were full of grammar and spelling errors. When asked, this fact was kindly confirmed by a large group of my friends on Facebook. Now all my articles are proof read and approved by Molly!

A journalist told me that once in a while he will put something controversial in his articles just to get reactions out of his readers. How else do I know they are really reading it?…. I thought with the”Evil Eyes“and “Camping” blogs I would at at least get a rise out of the Persian community but nope, not a peep. I know people had read them, as of this morning they had over 5,000 hits. Well maybe nobody is reading it and my mom is the one who keeps clicking on the articles to make me feel popular.

Now I didn’t start this blog to get quick comments. I already get plenty of those  along with thumbs up when I share it on personal Facebook page. I even got a nod this week from my hero Bonnie J Addario. Some of my readers have sent a Friend Friends Request on Facebook to me. This is why I set up the new Facebook page, so I can keep my personal page separated from the blog page.

With the huge success of this blog, more than ever I am wondering who is reading my blog. Is it a mom who was just diagnosed with cancer and looking for hope? Is it a dad wondering how to explain his diagnosis to his children? or are you just reading it, because it’s funny? I really would love to hear from you. You can leave a note here or my Facebook page.


2 thoughts on “Second Week Anniversary-Surprise Success of Non Cancer, Cancer Blog!

  1. I met you at Jillian’s wedding (my husband is her mother’s cousin) and had no idea your family was experiencing such a serious illness. Although your wife is the one with the physical ailment; the entire family is affected by that illness. Your sense of humor comes out in your writing and that is really the best way to deal with these difficulties. Humor is still the best medicine out there (I have been a nurse for 40 years and that is how nurses cope with all the illness they see every day) and has been shown to improve quality of life for the entire family and to prolong life as well. Keep up the fighting spirit and God bless you and your wife. I will be adding Molly to my prayers.


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