OMG this stuff has GMO? The cancer diet myth

The day Molly got diagnosed her oncologist Heather warned us that we will be bombarded with cancer curing diet tips, and boy she was right. Within days of making the big announcement our email boxes were full of food tips.

  • Don’t eat sugar, cancer tumors love sugar
  • Go vegan, it will get rid of your cancer
  • Eat blue berries, antioxidants kill cancer cells
  • Don’t eat blue berries, antioxidants cause the tumors to grow
  • Microwave popcorn fumes will give you lung cancer (ahhhh that’s how it happened)
  • And my all-time favorite, smoking marijuana will cure cancer. Yeah that worked real well for Bob Marley


Heather suggestion was to maintain a healthy diet, but don’t go  crazy as your body will have enough shock from cancer the treatment. My family and I have always maintained a healthy diet. Fruits and vegetables are a staple part of our diet and only fast food we ever eat at is In & Out Burgers. I am proud to say that my children have never been inside a McDonald’s restaurant.  Bottom line is that we eat healthier than most families we know. It’s not that we don’t eat junk food, we love our shares of chocolates and pastries. We just avoid junky junk foods like Twinkies or Hostess Cupcakes.
Grocery shopping has always been an adventure for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem going to the grocery store. I always buy plenty of healthy stuff and try to get everything organic. I have my favorite isles and know where everything that I need to buy is. The complication comes when Molly gives me a grocery list. Without a miss, I will find almost everything she wants within the first ten minutes and then spend an hour cruising the aisles looking for the last item. It’s always some strange spice or condiment no one has ever heard of. It’s things like mbongo spice or crushed nuts of Guatemalan turtle dove. OK….. I made up the last one, but you get the picture. It will be me and another poor husband staring at the spice isle with a look of complete lost & horror.
Of course this was nothing until I made the mistake of renting the documentary film  GMO OMG. Right then Molly declared war on GMOs. We now had another complication added to our grocery store trips,  finding foods that contained no GMO. You see, thanks to the food lobbyist it is almost impossible to find foods that do not contain genetically modified organisms. In US 90% of all foods that have corn or soy products, contain GMOs. Here is a short list items that can have GMOs:
  1. Canned Soups
  2. Baby Formula
  3. Sweetened Juices
  4. Cereals
  5. Vegetables & Canola Oils
  6. Tofu
  7. Meat
  8. Milk
  9. Sodas
  10. Frozen foods
Needless to say my trips to grocery stores have now quadrupled in time. It took me ten minutes just to find GMO free bread, and another 20 minutes to find cereals. I should be grateful though as GMOs have been linked to growth of cancer tumors in rats. But the good news is that my favorite all time snack Haribo Gummy Bears have no GMOs or artificial favors!

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