The Idiots who stole stuff from my car but forgot the $8,000 diamond


Some idiots broke into my car yesterday. I’m pissed. It’s not like I was parked in the hood. I was parked at the Stanford Shopping Center. For those of you out of towners, this is where the Silicon Valley elite shop. Anyway, I had a doctor appointment at Stanford so I decided to park at the shopping center and do some walking. I walked to my doctor appointment, and then went to pick up Molly’s prescription at the cancer center. After I was done, I dropped my stuff in the car and went out for lunch. When I came back my car doors were wide open.
Ok I did not lock my doors, but I usually don’t as I was driving my convertible and don’t see the point of locking it. The thieves will just slash the soft top which is a lot more expensive than anything I keep in the car usually. For my 40th birthday my wife bought me the ultimate midlife crisis car.  I won’t tell you what type in case you have Evil Eyes.  Not for its status or zero to sixty ability, this car is very special to me. Molly bough this car for me, and how many husbands can say that? So needless to say when I walked up and saw it violated like that I was infuriated.
I took inventory, who ever broke into my car stole some change, old sunglasses and my freshly purchased allergy medicine. However these idiots did not touch Molly’s pills which are worth about $8,000 for a month supply. Yes these miracle pills that are saving my wife’s life are as expensive as diamonds, but I doubt the stupid thieves knew that. Plus I don’t think there is a black market for Tarceva out there. I drove my violated baby to the car wash and gave it a good polish. My silver car is now resting in my garage after its big day. Today I am back to my comfortable economical Fiat 500. We love Luigi.

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