The Evil Eyes

As far as I can remember, I have been warned against the Evil Eyes. My mother, my grandmother, my aunts, my great aunts, they have always warned me against the evil eyes. This is mainly a Middle Eastern belief that certain people have bad eyes. These individuals who possess evil eyes can inflict harm or even death by just looking at a person or giving them a compliment.

In Iran, if you are believed to be affected, dried capsules of esfand (Peganum harmala) mixed with other ingredients are placed onto red hot charcoal, where they explode with little popping noises, releasing a fragrant smoke that is wafted around the head of those afflicted or exposed to the gaze of evil eyes. As this is done, an ancient prayer is recited (I stole this from Wikipedia). Also in order to prevent this jinx from happening, nazar charms (pictured above) is either used as a necklace or hung around the house. The deep blue color is supposed to bounce off the evil waves. I have one in the glove compartment of my Fiat 500, don’t want Luigi getting cursed now!

Every time my parents visit us from Iran they bring nazar charms. My daughters are extremely cute and people are just waiting in line to curse them with their evil eyes. You can just imagine my parents fright with having them all over the TV and internet lately. I’m sure they will just paint them dark blue as soon as they get off the plane.

Of course I have always dismissed this as a silly superstition. I mean the whole concept seems very Harry Pottery. “Petronious gooze, I cast an evil curse on you”. Come on really? I did however almost became a believer in 2013. If you have read my very first blog, you already know 2013 was not exactly the greatest year for us. Prior to 2013 we were doing great. Both Molly and I had great jobs, traveled the world and were having the best time of our lives with the girls. Then in 2013 it all came crashing down, with the kicker being Molly’s cancer diagnosis in December. So was it? Did somebody really curse us? But why?

After a few months of being zombies we started getting our grip back. The reality is that sometimes shitty things happen to good people and there is no rhyme or reason behind it. It’s some weird flow of the earth. Having a major illness is bad enough without thinking you did something to deserve it. Call it bad JuJu, because that’s all it is.

Things have returned to a new normal for us, and we live our everyday lives. I am not saying cancer is a blessing, but since Molly’s diagnosis we have found out who our real friends are, made some great new friends and cherish our times together as a family. Without Roxie dying we wouldn’t have rescued our new dachshund Roofus (on kill list). I wouldn’t have my new great job if my previous one hadn’t fallen apart. Plus despite having cancer, Molly is lucky enough to have a known genetic mutation which she takes a pill for and plenty of other back up treatments. There are many LC patients who do not have these options. I now see many things to be grateful for.

Now warning to Mr. or Mrs. Evil Eyes. If you are reading this, we are all covered in deep blue paint and sleeping in a cloud of esfand tonight. GO AWAY! SHOO SHOO NOW!


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