No ma’am she is not adopted, I have the DNA test to prove it.

she is mineWhen Madison was born it was no doubt that she was mine. Dark hair, olive skin, etc. Molly is your poster girl California blond, but there are not too many half Persian blond kids out there, our dark genes usually dominate blond genes. Then there is Dillan, not only she is blond she has super curly hair.

For almost four years, Dillan went to the daycare center at my work. She was with me everyday, she was my carpool buddy, had lunch or breakfast with me, and kept my company in my office when I worked late. She and I must have looked odd balls, because the first word out of some people’s mouth after saying, “oh my God, she is so cute”, was “is she yours?” Back then when I felt a little corky I would answer, “I think so but I am still waiting for the DNA results”!

I left that job and started a brand spanking new career. This was a huge change for me, as I have always worked for very large biotech companies, and this was a small company run by a brilliant CEO. By the way two weeks after I started this job Molly was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, but that’s a different story. Anyway for Xmas our CEO gave everyone Geno 2.0 – Genographic Project DNA Ancestry Kit. This was really neat, you send them your DNA and they can tell you what your heritage is. I thought it would be more interesting to send one of my kid’s sample instead of mine. Since Madison was practicing her piano at the time, I took couple of cheek swabs from Dillan and six weeks later we had the results:

To explain the results, the 24% Southwest Asian and 3% Northeast Asian comes from me. To those of you wondering where the hell does the 3% Northeast Asian comes from? Well Genghis Khan’s men made sure they spread their seeds evenly as they conquered the west, and apparently they loved Persian Women.

Now next time someone asks me if Dillan is mine, I can say “Not only she is mine, I have the DNA test to prove it”.

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