Why Blog? Three ladies and me!


Ever since I remember, I wanted to have daughters.  I come from a family that are mostly boys. My grand father on my father side had one daughter and  5 sons. Almost all the sons had sons (my father had two) so my family is a big smelly boy fest. On my mother side I have two boy cousins and one girl cousin who is 21 years younger than me.

Ok going back to why blog? Before I answer that, a little background about me.  I was born in Iran but moved to US in 1986 to live with my wonderful aunt and uncle. I will give the back-story behind that later.  I moved to San Luis Obispo in 1989 and met my now wife Molly in 1992.  We got married in 2000 and had Madison in 2005. I was thrilled to have a daughter. I never thought I would….. because again Golbons produce boys. When Molly got pregnant again in 2008, I was ok with having a son but thrilled to have an other girl. The idea of starting a website about living with three girls came to me then, but I was too lazy to do anything about it.

Fast forward to the worst year of my life 2013. Within the span of 10 months, I left my job, my beloved dachshund Roxie died, and my wife was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.  Everyone suggested that I start a blog about cancer.  At that time the emotions were too raw, and frankly I was still in denial about the diagnosis. My wife is 39 and has never touched a cigarette.

Cancer is a big part of our lives and this blog will have plenty of it, but this is really about me and living in an all girls house. It’s about our adventures and challenges. It’s about our every day life and getting used to this “New Normal”.

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